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Download App Watcher: Check Update
App Watcher is a new app manager that updates the changelog from the Play Store, currently has no apps installed on your device, and provides quick access to the “what’s new” section.
Even if you don’t have the app installed, you can follow the app updates for Android, learn about new features, bug fixes and levels for games.
Notifier checks the daily apps update list in the Play Store and will notify you when a new version is available..
  • Add an app from Play Market to the app list (use share)
  • Manual or auto update
  • Quick shortcut to see what’s new / change log in the app
  • Backup
  • Filter list by: not installed / not installed
Unlock new features for mobile every day with our updater app. Smart Installer, update the software on your apps list with application follow and stay up to date.
Download Application: CLICK HERER