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Are you looking for a reliable instant online loan app for your personal expenses or for any urgent and emergency? So Money View app can be the best option which has disbursed loans of more than 12,000 crores to more than 3 crore users.

The Money View app, with its user-friendly online loan application process and competitive interest rates, is fast becoming one of the most popular online instant loan apps in India.

Whether you’re looking for a quick online loan to meet unexpected expenses or planning a big financial venture, Money View Loans App Review has you covered!
Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Equal monthly installments – EMI in short – is the amount payable every month to a bank or any other financial institution until the loan amount is fully repaid. It consists of interest on the loan as well as part of the principal amount to be repaid. The sum of principal amount and interest is divided by the tenure, ie, the number of months, in which the loan has to be repaid. This amount has to be paid every month. The interest component of the EMI will be large during the initial months and will gradually decrease with each payment. The exact percentage allocated for principal repayment depends on the interest rate. Even though your monthly EMI payment will not change, the proportion of principal and interest components will change over time. With each successive payment, you will pay more in principal and less in interest.
Formula for calculating EMI
EMI Formula

P : is the principal loan amount

r : is the interest rate calculated on a monthly basis. (ie, r = annual interest rate/12/100. If the interest rate is 10.5% per annum, then r = 10.5/12/100=0.00875)

n : is the tenure / tenor / duration of the loan in number of months
Money View app certified by RBI?

Money View App Kya Hai – Money View is an RBI registered NBFC online loan application. Which is based on factors like your income, credit score and employment status with eligibility criteria ranging from Rs. 5000 to Rs. Offers Personal Instant Loan up to 5 lakhs. Money View Personal Loan interest rates start at 1.33% per month. Additionally, the loan tenure is flexible, ranging from 3 months to 60 months, allowing borrowers to choose a repayment plan that suits their financial situation.

Money View is the best loan app in India Its popularity can be seen from its impressive statistics – the app has been downloaded more than 45 million times, and Money View has so far generated Rs. Disbursed loans of more than 12,000 crores.

It is serving customers at 19,000 locations across India. Money View is an instant lending app option for anyone looking for a quick and hassle-free online personal loan, and its user-friendly app makes the borrowing process easy.

With this app, you can get a paperless personal loan anytime, anywhere through the app. Money View Loan App was founded in 2014 by Puneet Agarwal and Sanjay Agarwal as an online loan app.

Presently the co-founder and CEO of MONEYVIEW Personal Loan is Punit Agarwal while the directors of the company are Punit Agarwal and Sanjay Agarwal.

Money View Loan App works with banks and legitimate NBFC partners and therefore takes great care of the security of its customers. Apart from this, Money View app also follows the lending policies of the Reserve Bank of India.
Money View Loan Eligibility/Age Limit

✅ To get a personal loan from the Money View app, you can check your eligibility within 2 minutes by filling in some basic details on the app. It requires minimum documents, such as:

✅ To be eligible for a personal loan from the Money View Loan app, you must have a minimum CIBIL score of 600. Check Free CIBIL Score from here

Talking about the salary, the minimum monthly income for a salaried applicant is Rs. 13,500 and for self-employed applicant Rs. 15,000 or more.

Also, your age should be between 21 years to 57 years to get a loan from Money View app. Money View’s loan application process is paperless and done digitally with just a mobile app.

✅ Once you are eligible for a loan with the Money View app, the loan is disbursed in your bank account within 24 hours of loan approval.
How to take loan from Money View app

Money View Loan Kaise Le: How to get a Money View Loan: Getting a personal loan with the Money View application is very easy, you can apply for a loan in a few minutes. For this follow the steps given below:
Download the Money View app from the Google Play Store
Register by filling your mobile number and required details
After this enter your PAN card number
Check eligibility by providing your name, age, income and employment details
Select the required loan amount and repayment term
Upload the required documents
Then complete the online loan application process
After submitting the application, wait for approval
Once reviewed by the Money View app, you will receive a loan offer
The loan amount will be credited to the account within 24 hours of approval.
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