Lalbaugcha raja live: Live darshan of India’s biggest Lalbaug Cha Raja, sitting at home on the occasion of Holy Ganesha Chaturthi.

Lalbaugcha raja live: Live darshan of India’s biggest Lalbaug Cha Raja, sitting at home on the occasion of Holy Ganesha Chaturthi.
Lalbaugcha raja live: Lalbaug ka raja live darshan: Live Aarti: Chaturthi in the month of Bhadrava ie Shri Ganeshjini Chaturthi. On this Ganesh Chaturthi day, people worship Ganesha in their home, society or neighborhood. Who keeps for 5 days, 7 days, 11 days. worships him. Pampers Ganeshji. After that, Gajate Gajate bids them farewell. Then this festival is celebrated on a very large scale in Maharashtra. Here, from common people to big celebrities, they also establish Ganesha at their homes. In which we hear from time to time that the biggest Ganesha is established in Mumbai which we know as Lalbagh Ka Raja. So this Ganpatiji of Lalbaug i.e. Lalbaugcha raja live sitting at home.
Lalbaugcha raja live
Talking about Lalbaugcha raja live darshan, Ganapatiji has been established here for the last 90 years. And the decoration of this Ganapati as well as from big celebrities to big businessmen come here to see Lalbaugcha raja live. Devotees are excited to have this Lalbaugcha raja live darshan and see his decorations. So today, on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, we are getting a live chance to see Baba.
Raigad fort-like set
Mumbai’s Lal Bagh Ka Raja is very popular in the 10-day Ganesh Chaturthi festival celebrated in Maharashtra. For whom an insurance of 26.54 crore rupees has been taken. In this celebrated festival, people make different kinds of decorations by installing Ganeshji, for the Lalbaugcha raja of Mumbai, this year, the 350th anniversary of the coronation of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is being considered for which a set like Raigad fort has been prepared in the decoration of this Lalbaugcha Raja.
Siddhivinayak Live Darshan
Siddhi Vinayaka Mandir located in the famous Prabhavadevi area in Mumbai is one of the legendary Ganesha Temples not only in Mumbai but in entire India. Bollywood level and celebrities are always seen in this temple. Initially this temple was small but now this temple is huge with 6 floors. The temple was built in 1801 and is one of the busiest temples in India.
There are 2 entrances to enter this temple. In which you can have darshan of God for free from Siddhi Gate. While normal darshan is done from Riddhi Gate. There is a separate darshan facility for senior citizen, elderly, children too. Here you can also do pad darshan by paying money.
Lalbagh Ka Raja Live Darshan
In today’s age of technology people can do Lalbaugcha raja live darshan sitting at home and people feel blessed to have darshan in person. You can watch Lalbaugcha raja live darshan through HAL this darshan Youtube, and official website of Lalbaugcha raja. Live darshan and videos of aarti are free on platforms like social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram.
To watch Lalbaugcha raja live you can watch live at home from his official Youtube channel Lalbaugcha raja.
You can also get the Darshan from the official website of Lalbaugcharaja
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