Heat wave in Gujarat

 Heat in Gujarat: An outbreak of scorching heat is being seen in the country. 7 of the 10 hottest cities in the country on Wednesday are from Gujarat. The temperature is likely to be 44 to 45 degrees across the state till May 14. On May 10, 7 of the 10 hottest cities in India were from Gujarat. There may be extreme heat in Gujarat in the coming time.

Why is the heat increasing?

Anticyclonic circulation is formed due to high air pressure in the upper atmosphere in summer. Due to which the hot winds from the north-west of the desert-arid region are drawn and go into the Bay of Bengal. Due to which the temperature is increasing in different cities.

What to do to avoid heat?

  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Avoid going out without work in the afternoon.
  • Drink water constantly.
  • Do not expose the AC to direct sunlight, there is a risk of heat stroke.

What are red, orange and yellow alerts?

In summer, temperatures reach 45 degrees or more in many places. If the temperature is 45 degrees, it is called a heatwave. Heatwaves occur in March-June in various parts, sometimes lasting till July.

Orange Alert

An orange alert is issued when the heatwave lasts for more than two days and the temperature is likely to be between 43.1 and 45 degrees.

Red Alert

A red alert is issued when a heatwave lasts for more than six days and temperatures are likely to reach 45 degrees or higher.

Yellow Alert

A yellow alert means that the temperature in the city is likely to be 41.1 to 43 degrees. While the heatwave lasts for 2 days in different areas, but the temperature remains under control.

  • Patan- 44.6 degrees
  • Jalgaon – 44.6 degrees
  • Junagadh – 44.2 degrees
  • Vallabh Vidhanagar – 44.1 degrees
  • Barmer – 43.9 degrees
  • Rajkot – 43.9 degrees
  • Chotaudepur – 43.8 degrees
  • Amreli – 42.8 degrees
  • Ratlam – 43.6 degrees
  • Ahmedabad – 43.5 degrees