DOWNLOAD DISCOVERY APP FOR ALL TV SHOWS : discovery+ is a video streaming app with TV shows (full episodes & short videos), never seen before exclusive specials, award winning documentaries and thousands of short videos.

Install the app and be instantly transported to an interesting world filled with Science, Adventure, Nature, Space, Wildlife, Indian Military, Auto, Food and Lifestyle.

Big screen experience via Fire TV app, Android TV and Chromecast.

With thousands of TV shows, never seen before app exclusives, youngster friendly educative shows, and informative short videos that are available in many Indian languages. This is an app that the whole family can enjoy.

Short videos

  • Watch thousands of science and technology clips, animal videos, food and DIY clips & share them on WhatsApp with one-click or choose to watch the full episode.

TV Shows & Exclusives

  • You can watch your favourite shows like Man vs Wild, Wild Karnataka, Star Vs Food, Secrets of Sinauli, Gold Rush, Project Runway, Hell’s Kitchen, American Chopper, NASA’s Explained Files, Fast N’ Loud, Into The Wild, A Haunting and many more, anytime on the app.


  • A youngster friendly fun learning section with educative videos and playlists
  • Curated entertaining playlists for science, nature and wildlife videos, suitable for 8 to 14-year-old young adults.
Download Application : Click Here


  • Stream unlimited TV shows and documentaries in HD quality
  • Discover more than 10,000 hours of infotainment and lifestyle content, with new shows being added regularly
  • Enjoy a safe learning experience
  • Get unlimited entertainment on up to two devices at once
  • Share what you love with your friends, with a single click WhatsApp button
  • Enjoy your favourite TV shows in your preferred language with 8 languages audio option
  • Create your personal ‘Watchlist’ list and easily access your collection
  • Use voice search to look up your favourite shows and superstars
  • Watch full TV shows, documentaries and short videos for free
  • Use Chromecast to enjoy the videos on big screen

All Access

  • Child Lock feature to access 18+ shows like Naked and Afraid, Love Island, Love at first Swipe. 
All-In-One App | Audio Available in 7 languages: Watch all your favourite shows from Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, BBC Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo, Investigation Discovery in your preferred language (English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam).

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