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Download APK StayFree - Stay Focused  : StayFree - Screen Time Tracker & Limit App Usage; Self control and wellbeing Monitor phone usage Digital detox Phone addiction

Hello friends, the screen timer app will tell you how many hours you use your mobile in a day and how many hours you used this app to see this today.

Features : Download StayFree - Stay Focused 

  • App usage history: view charts and statistics of your usage history.
  • Over-use reminder: notify you when you are spending too much time in an app and start your digital detox.
  • Block mode: temporarily block any application that you are over-using and stay focused.
  • Export mode: export your usage history to CSV or Microsoft Excel file.
  • Inspiring quotations: show inspiring quotations that encourage productivity and less usage of your phone.
  • Interface customization: there are numerous themes to customize the app how you want.
  • Lock mode: requires a password to change any of your settings.
  • Widget: show most used apps and total usage on a nice widget.

  • Pie chart graph: view daily and monthly application usage.

Benefits Of Download APK StayFree - Stay Focused 

StayFree - Screen Time Tracker & Limit App Usage is a self control, productivity and phone addiction controller app that allow you to show how much time you spend on your smartphone and helps you focus by restricting the usage of apps. You can set usage limits for your apps and receive alerts when exceeding those usage limit. You can also view the details of your usage and statistics on your usage history.

StayFree is planting trees to help save the environment! How can you help? Just keep the app installed and use it to monitor your device usage. When you reach out Platinum level, we will plant a tree on your behalf.

  • Highest rated Self Control & Phone Addiction app
  • Extremely fast and user-friendly interface
  • Most accurate usage statistics
  • Quick customer support
  • Battery friendly
  • Totally ad-free!

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StayFree - Stay Focused Application Usage helps you

  • overcome phone addiction
  • stay focused
  • reduce screen time
  • reduce distraction
  • boost productivity
  • unplug more often
  • increase your digital wellbeing
  • spend quality time with family or yourself
  • reduce wasted time with digital detox

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