With this 1 rupee note you will become the owner of 7 lakh rupees sitting at home, know how

With this 1 rupee note you will become the owner of 7 lakh rupees sitting at home, know how. If you are fond of collecting old notes or coins, it can make you a millionaire. Old notes and coins are being sold for millions of rupees. That means if you have 1, 2, 5 rupee coins or notes, you can become a millionaire sitting at home. You do not have to work hard for this. You have to sell these coins in the online market. This is a line of people buying coins and willing to pay the desired amount.

With this 1 rupee note you will become the owner of 7 lakh rupees sitting at home

Some websites are willing to offer a rupee note up to Rs 7 lakh. Many people are fond of collecting old notes and coins. The value of which can be found in millions of rupees after many years. One such note dates back to 1935, before India’s independence. This note has a photo of King George V printed on it. The note is signed by JW Kelly. This note is about 80 years old. Rs 7 lakh has been taken for this note.

Even a 25 paisa coin can make a millionaire.

If you have a 25 paisa silver coin, it can make you a millionaire. You can sell it in the online market. According to media reports, the coin is worth up to Rs 1.50 lakh.

How to sell

You will have to resort to a Commercial Site to sell this note. Many websites are bidding for rare notes. Any common man can take part in this. Take a photo of your note and upload it to the website. You must register with the website as a seller before uploading. After this, those who want to buy notes will contact you.

No misprinted note / coin

During an auction in January this year, the 20 20 note was valued at more than ,000 57,000. In fact a sticker accidentally fell on the paper during printing and was also printed on the note. A student later found the note in an ATM. Notes with such error during printing are called obstructed error notes. These notes are rare because in case of error, the note or coin is destroyed, although such coins and notes still fall into circulation due to some mistake and become valuable. These include things like wrong cutting, wrong printing, change of colors. The value is determined by how big the error is in that note.

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A rare coin associated with a particular person

People are willing to pay a high price for a one rupee note signed by Governor JW Kelly in 1933 and a 10 rupee note signed by CD Deshmukh issued in 1943. Signatures of officials made for a very short time or coins issued by the king who have done some important work in the future may fall into the precious and rare category.

What is the most important thing?

The price of rare coins depends directly on demand and supply and demand market conditions. The law of the land depends on many factors such as the scarcity of coins, the condition of coins and notes. Many countries, including India, have banned the sale of rare goods. Each country had a definite definition of rare goods. Serious investors pay attention to all these things. In such a case, if you also think that you have a rare coin or note, first check it with the history of any coin and get their opinion about the future.